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A research report commissioned by the UK Government, on the controversial topic of sales commission on park homes, has just been published.

Please see the link attached to read this highly important report on Mobile Home Sale Commission in England. It will inform discussion in Scotland.

The Executive Summary is sufficient reading to take it all in, but the full report can also be accessed. See below- Click on the links...

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mobile-homes-the-impact-of-a-change-in-the-maximum-park-home-sale-commission (Main Link)

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mobile-homes-the-impact-of-a-change-in-the-maximum-park-home-sale-commission/the-impact-of-a-change-in-the-maximum-park-home-sale-commission-executive-summary (Executive Summary)


13 June 2022Willow Wood Celebrates Platinum Jubilee

Around 50 Willow Wood residents gathered in the commuity garden on Saturday 4 June 2022 to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth. The beaitiful sunny afternoon set the scene for a wonderful event to enjoy an afternoon tea in celebration of HM's 70 years on the the throne.

An excellent food spread was provided by the Commitee with plenty of 'beverages' on offer too.  The event started with tea in the tent...

And afterwards the crowd took to the open air to hear a speech from Major Ray Lorimer (Retd) who led a toast to the Queen.  Our oldest resident, Jean Campblell (86) cut the magnificnet jubilee cake.

The merry gathering lasted till the early evening and a great day was enjouoyed by all.


Prior to the pandemic, the Scottish Confeeration of Park Home Residents Associations (SCOPHRA) had invited Scottish Gvernment officials involved in park home legislation to visit park home sites for an in-depth familiarisation of park home living and this invitation was taken up on 31 March 2022.

Two officials visited us here at Willow Wood where the qualifying residents association showed them round the park, visiting several homes and having an hour-long discussion with residents about the park home way of life.  The discussion was lively with searching questions on either side.

The officials then participated in a ZOOM meeting with local association commitee memebrs (Secretary Steve Perry and Tam and Doreen Sharp) plus all the members of the SCOPHRA Executive committee, chaired by Jim Haluch. The meeting was held to look at SCOPHRA’s aims for 2022 and its contribution to the promised review of Park Home licensing to take place during the current parliament.

It was obvious that the department at the Scottish Government had been continually active in researching park home issues and had been in contact with local authorities on various incensing matters.  From the questioning, the officials sought to understand the problems that residents faced which ranged from site owners’ reluctance to provide written statements and utility bill information to unauthorised placing of homes without planning permission.

The discussion particularly addressed the difficulties residents faced in obtaining justice and the costs and timescales of Sheriff court action.  SCOPHRA suggested that the current Scottish Hosing Tribunal could take on park homes work as in England, but it was pointed out that primary legislation would be required which would take time.  Officials wondered if The Sheriff Court Simple Procedure would work as an alternative and both parties agreed to explore this further.

SCOPHRA presented a census of member parks listing numbers of pitches and estimated number of residents. When extrapolated this suggested that there are some 6000 residential pitches in Scotland with around 9000 residents although SCOPHRA made the officials aware of its concern at the number of people living on holiday sites as permanent residents.

The SCOPHRA team outlined its wish list for the coming year which the Executive had compiled from a survey of member parks during February and March 2022. In order of priority these are:

  1. These issues are (in order of priority):
    1. Seek to review the general licence conditions attached to site licences to include conditions which:
      • demand that site owners’ issue Written Statements (WS) as required by the MHA and the right of the LA to enforce the contents of the WS.
      • Reinforce residents’ rights to transparency in the compilation of utility charges.
      • Demand that site owners recognise Qualifying Residents Associations as required by the WS.
      • Ensure that licence conditions contain reference to park rules guidance in line with The Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014 
      • Ensure that licence conditions are consistent across Scotland and are consistently enforced across all LAs.
    2. Seek a review of the rights of site owners to a 10% commission on sales of homes.
    3. Seek to have the annual pitch fee increase linked to CPI rather than RPI.
    4. Seek the extension of The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber to cover park home issues.
    5. Take serious action against holiday site owners who sell home as ‘permanent’ residences and thus defraud buyers.
    6. Review the ‘Model Standards for Residential Mobile Home Site Licences’ issued in 2018.
    7. Review the ‘Guidance to Local Authorities on the Licensing System for Mobile Homes Sites with Permanent Residents’ issued in 2017.

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