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sending good wishes
This is what park home living should be about and not the constant battles with that many have with their park owners.

Google: Park Homes Policy Forum for updates about what is going on elsewhere
Posted by tony turner on 26 April 2018
I was looking for information with regard to setting up a Residents Association on our fairly new park, when I came across your website. Wow, you guys have got everything right, a fantastic website, great community with everyone contributing, you should be very proud. If our setup ends up half as good as yours it would be great.
Thanks for your help Jim I really appreciate it. Looking forward to visiting you soon.
Keep up the good work.
Posted by Dug Blair on 04 March 2018
nice site
awesome site
Posted by alia on 19 August 2015
'Just Looking2

What a nice thing to say. Yes we do enjoy a pretty good lifestyle and we all look after each other. A strong resident's association is the lifeblood of any park and that is what we have.

As to welcoming guests from South of the Border, the Scots are pretty hospitable and we are no exception!

Best wishes

Jim (Web Manager)
Posted by Jim Haluch on 12 May 2013
Just looking!
Today I went to a residential park near to where I live (Rubery, Worcestershire).

I lost the home I had my heart set on but decided to see what else is out there and decided why not move further away and found your lovely community. And I do say community in that this is the first site I have visited (virtually!) that I have felt this.
I may never get any further north than Ludlow but I wanted you to know that I fell in love with you just looking at your photo's and reading of your events and all the good works that you do.
I wish you all well and maybe just maybe you might one day welcome someone with a brummie accent (although technically I am Worcestershire born and bred)!

Kind Regards

Vicki (o2 insist my name is with a 'y')
Posted by Vicki Benson on 12 May 2013
Nice website
Posted on 02 December 2012
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