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More on the New Scottish Park Home Regulations
10 October 2013

The Scottish Government’s new regulations apply to ALL park home residents not only to new agreements.  This is very different from the position in England and Wales where only new agreements are affected. The Scottish Government will also take steps of strengthen the licence regime for park home site owners within a new Housing Bill in 2013/14.  Among proposals is a Fit and Proper Person Test (F&PPT) for licensees and their managers, strong powers of inspection for local authorities to police adherence to licence conditions and even the power to withdraw licences.  Turning back to the present, the main provision of the 2013 regulations is that if you wish to sell your home you will no longer require to consult the site owner. Residents will now be entitled to market their park home for sale, using the services of an agent, and will be entitled to display sales signs on the pitch and on the mobile home for this purpose.  Sellers will have additional responsibilities which must be adhered to if the sale is to go through and Park Homes Scotland Ltd can help sellers in this regard.  Further rules clarify that an occupier is entitled to gift or will the mobile home and assign the agreement to a family member or other, without the approval of the owner and without commission being payable. The order also covers the circumstances when a site owner can enter a pitch, new rules on re-siting homes, obligations for a site owner to consult qualifying residents associations and a requirement for each resident to receive a copy of their new implied terms by the time of the next pitch fee review.  THe Wanderer's consultants, Park Homes Scotland Ltd, are available to advise site owners and associations alike, on the new procedures.  Follow the external link.

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