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Diana McGovern moved to Willow Wood in 2005.  For a number of years Diana has suffered from multiple sclerosis but she has never let her condition interfere with her quality of life.  The move to Willow Wood, with her husband, Peter, was founded on a strategy to give her as much freedom as possible to live independently and to participate in the community.  The enclosed nature of the estate, with no through traffic was ideal for her to move around in her electric wheelchair without fear of traffic and the type of housing could be easily adapted to her needs.  It was only as Diana tried things out she realised how her quality of life had been enhanced.  She could pop out to see the neighbours at will, she adapted her garden to suit her needs and could potter away like anyone else; she could meet friends in the community garden for a chat or a drink and generally lived life like most folks.  Her bungalow style home allowed access around the home and a specially adapted bathroom gave freedom here as well.  Of particular value was the West Lothian Council inspired 'West Lothian Careline' which provides a free 24 hour home emergency and security service to older residents of the area.  With the security of knowing that Diana could call for help in any circumstances either to Careline or to caring neighbours, for the first time in many years Peter could leave Diana alone at home.

Diana for many years was the lynchpin of the Charity, The British Trust for the Myelin Project and has now transferred her skills to Willow Wood.  Diana is a Director of the Community Company but does not restrict her activity to the office taking an active part in all activities including painting the community garden fence.

Diana has become pretty knowledgable about disabled living in a park home setting and in the park home lifestyle.  In the Gallery below Diana illustrates some of the facets of her lifestyle to support and encourage others who might like to learn from her experience.


Park homes can be excellent solutions for disabled living.  Diana says "As a disabled person using a wheelchair. living in a park home community is quite different from living in a traditional housing estate for many reasons and I am happy to share my experiences with others in a similar situation to myself.

If you have a query on disabled living in a park home setting contact me through the website moderator who will pass on your query.  Email:
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